female gangster quotes
how a woman of 70 East mafia gangster dress / / look like?

i have been shortlisted for a film production the gangster / mafia with a set of 70s. but I have no idea how the women look like gangsters, and what I should wear. if Please give me some ideas and, if possible, stating your site / source. thx!

The most important characteristic of an oriental years 70 is either she is portrayed by a white woman, or the lines are doubled, so that the movement of his lips do not match what you hear. Eye liner is a must. Random switch "L" with the letter "R", and vice versa. Wear the red dress, and if it doesn red dress, t have a picture of a dragon this subject, you should have a dragon tattoo on his back off and / or shoulders. But if you want to be really authentic, you'll be naked and high on some form of opium.

Brother Micah at UCF

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